Tuesday, December 9, 2008


we wanted to end our experence at St. Marey's with some christmas cheer


this lab delt with dribbling and kicking for. the game that was choosen for this skill was a game where the kids had to go to a ball bouce it twice then move to the next. they had to be sure to keep all the balls bouncing.


lab 4 the kids had to throw. the game we had the kids play was clean up your room. the kids had to take all the things on there side and throw them to the other side where those kids throw things back. who ever had the cleanest room won


In lab 3 one of the skills was leaping. the kids leaped better when they had things to leap to or over. i found that they had more excitment with the skill when have a destination or task.


lab2 we had the students perform the skills of running, galloping and running. we did this by playing red light green light. each kid had to progress forward by doing the skill we asked them to.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lab 1

The 1st lab we just got to know the students. We played with them out side and was able to help them get comforetible us before we even started teaching them.

Infant Reflexes skit

Here is our infant reflex class skit done to the theme of Puff Daddy/Police's "Every Breath You Take".

lab day

This was a day where we just aloud the kids to enjoy and have fun. While we had fun with them.